Jutta’s counseling experience over the past twenty five years encompasses a wide array of life issues that include sexual, physical and emotional abuse in both children and adults, substance abuse, post traumatic stress, eating disorders, personality disorders with extensive experience in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, psychiatric disorders, grief counseling, and counseling family systems. Healing relationships is a major focus, both historical and current conflict deserve resolution. 

Jutta has worked in psychiatric and general medical hospitals, prisons (for forensic evaluations), shelters for abused women and children, clinics catering to policemen and women suffering from PTSD, orphanages for street children, hospices nursing terminally ill AIDS patients and private practice. She gained extensive experience and training in feminist psychotherapy while conducting research at the Women’s Therapy Centre in London, to further a special interest in the empowerment and liberation of women presenting with “victim complexes” who are trapped in domestic situations of subservience and abuse. This area remains a special interest to Jutta, whose ongoing research in the field was the focus of her PhD dissertation.

Jutta’s aim is to apply her extensive training and experience to assist clients in individual, couple, and family therapy to heal and grow as they embark on a therapeutic journey, confident in the knowledge that she will do her professional best to be present, empathic and share her insights, thus providing a meaningful intervention.


Jutta holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Natal, a prestigious, internationally-acclaimed university in South Africa that is renowned for its rigorous training in Clinical Psychology. She also received extensive post-graduate training in the field of trauma and grief counseling.

Jutta is a licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida. Florida Department of Health registration number MH9199.

Jutta is trained in the psychoanalytic tradition, a school of psychology steeped in a long history that has stood the test of time. She was fortunate to receive instruction from well-known and highly respected psychoanalysts who hold lengthy qualifications above and beyond graduate school.

While the psychoanalytic interpretation of the client’s life history allows the client to gain valuable insight into previously unconscious conflicts with immediate cathartic relief, time and financial restraints may demand incorporation of solution-focused and time-limited therapies to ensure that psychoanalytic insight is coupled with adaptive behavior change.

Therefore, Jutta’s framework encompasses a combination of psychoanalytic, person oriented and solution-focused theories. Therapy models emanating from these theories are often used in combination to deal with the complexities of presenting problems.

In choosing an appropriate therapist, clients would do well to familiarize themselves with the various therapy approaches to determine level of comfort and positive outcome of the intervention. Jutta welcomes questions and will gladly impart the necessary information to ensure that clients make a well informed and comfortable choice. She places great emphasis on forming a relationship characterized by trust and mutual commitment.

Jutta is fully committed to her work as a therapist and considers her involvement in the psychological lives of her clients as a privilege.